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First-timer’s Guide To Nightlife in Mumbai

Life during the day in Mumbai is pretty hectic when everyone is extremely busy in earning his daily bread. Quite a contrast to the day, the nights in Mumbai are all about amazing unending fun, dance, music, booze and food. A city that never sleeps, Mumbai has to offer an adventurous nightlife to both its locals and tourists. Life after sunset is one of the prime attractions for all. The ‘City of Dreams’ is home to some world-class bars and clubs- from absolutely sophisticated to some unbelievably romantic ones.


An excursion of Mumbai during the night can leave you with some amazing lifetime memories. After a busy tiring day, nightclubs, bars and lounges are the best places to unwind. Indulge in great music, sumptuous food, live performances, a concoction of drinks and dance the night away.

If this is your first visit to the Mumbai city then here is first-timer’s guide to nightlife in Mumbai:

Mumbai Bars, Lounges and Nightclubs

Mumbai never sleeps. High spirit and full of life are two 2 perfect synonyms of Mumbai. There are several options to enjoy nightlife here. Mumbai has a place to fit in every mood- a wild party with friends or a dream dinner date with your better half or simply a night-out. You can visit any of the bars, lounges and clubs to add a punch to your life. There are innumerable options for you. Leopold Café, popular amidst foreigners, is known for serving a variety of beers. Some of the most sought-after options for you include Wink, Valhalla, Busaba, Opium Den, Dome, Czar, Toto’s Garage, Tote on the Turf, Amadeus, Tryst, China House, Aer, Aurus, Escobar, Prive, Trylogy and more.


Live music

If you love live performances, the best option for you is the wonderful Blue Frog, also one of the best options for a night-out in the city.  Not only the live music is entertaining but the dreamy ambiance also takes your heart away. Admire the striking designs that are a blend of quaint and contemporary styles. Just drop to enjoy the amazing atmosphere and great sound and light effect.


However, if your preference is a place which is simpler, slightly characterless place and jazz, blue, rock and country music being played live, then Not Just Jazz By the Bay is just the perfect place for you. Not a place for so-called ‘culturally-inclined’, this place is also the venue of student karaoke sessions from Sunday to Tuesday.

Pink tourism

The Mumbai city can be called one of the most uncomplaining and broad-minded cities in India that is quite open to LGTB. Being bustling with activity, all round the clock, Mumbai does not have much time to pay heed to the private life of its people. However, the LGCT scene here is quite small and that too, which is constrained to private parties or a few night clubs. There is Voodoo, a weekly gay night club in Colaba, which one can visit. Nevertheless, Gaybombay, known for its amazing parties, is a far better option if your preference is great music and lip-smacking food.


Late-Night Munchies

Finally and most importantly, Mumbai food is the best thing about the city. You can get food at night in Mumbai, even if it is past midnight. There are a number of late-night eating joints here, which serve some amazing food for the night owls. If you like Indian food, especially Murg Zafrani tikka, visit Zaffran, close to the Crawford Market. Then there is Bade Miya’s in Colaba. You can relish tasty naan stuffed with lamb or chicken and egg. This is just the right place for those who love kebabs. Nothing like spicy chicken liver served, that is prepared on open-grill. You can also go to Sardar Pav Bhaji in Tarde, near Mumbai Central for a lip-smacking Pav-bhaji, popular street food of Mumbai. Then there is Sukh Sagar at Marine Drive that serves fast food, fresh Fruit juice and Falooda Kulfi.


Mumbai nightlife tips

Here are some important tips:


  • Essentially Mumbai is known to be a safe place for tourists, however, one can never be too careful when exploring a new place. It is important to be vigilant all the time.
  • Insist on travelling by meter while hiring a taxi or a cab or an auto.
  • It is advisable that one should opt for group travel, it is safer.
  • If you are getting some unbelievable and near-impossible offer or a deal, leave it. The person making an offer might be a tout.
  • Although largely not feasible, but insist on bills or receipts for every purchase made.
  • Lastly the most basic, do not accept drinks from strangers.

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