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Popular Street Food of Mumbai

Posted by: | Posted on: 31/05/13 | Comments: 1297

Eat Street- Your guide to the best street Food in Mumbai 

Contrary to popular perception, food-wise, there is a lot more to Mumbai streets than a humble Vada-Pav.  Street food in Mumbai is just like its spirit-a potpourri of different cultures. If you are one of those who love eating and have no worries about their waist getting bigger then here is your guide to the best street food in Mumbai: 


Sev and Bhel Puri
Sev Puri and Bhel Puri are two of the most important names in the list of street food that is available in the commercial capital of India. You can find them at the shop of your neighborhood Chaatwala as well as at a 5-star hotel. But if you want to taste the typical Sev and Bhel of Mumbai then you should pay a visit to the Chowpatty beach and Marine Drive.  These two delicacies comprise of small fried flour disks that are mixed with onions, sev, potatoes, tomatoes, coriander, garlic, chilli, peanuts, and tamarind Chuttney. 
Best Available at - Beach stalls of Chowpatty and Marine Drive



Pani puri 
Popular with different names, this water balloon is known as Pani Puri in Mumbai. This crispy sphere with a hole is made from Semolina (Suji) or Aata (Wheat flour). The vendor fills potato and chickpeas dipped in tamarind chttunet, and then fills a sweet-and-sour mixture of tamarind and coriander water in it, in which he adds spices and mint. Put this amazing delicacy into your mouth as a whole and enjoy it. 
Available at - Elco Pani Puri Centre, 2/A Elco Market, 46 Hill Road, Bandra (West) 



Pav bhaji 
If you visit Mumbai, you cannot miss indulging in Pav Bhaji. Juhu beach is the place where you can get the amazing Pav Bhaji. You will find numerous Rehdiwalas, selling sumptuous Pav-bhaji. Pav is a variety of bread while bhaji is a mixture of different vegetable such as potatoes, peas and more. These vegetables are first boiled and then on a huge circular Tawa (Pan), they are cooked with a mixture of Onion and tomato along with a generous portion of butter. It is served with sliced Onions, another dash of coriander leaves with butter and mint chutney. 
Best Available at - Juhu beach food stalls 



Batata Vada
Batata Vada, this is one snack that a Mumbaikar can eat during any time of the day.  This delicacy is in the form of a dumpling that is made from boiled and mashed potatoes that are mixed with ginger, garlic, coriander leaves, turmeric, lemon juice and green chillies. It is dipped in the batter of besan (gram flour) and then is deep fried. This is served, stuffed in Vada, a variety of Bread along with green chilles and mint chutney. 
Best Available at - Shrikrishna, near Chabildas High School, Dadar Market.



The Bombay sandwich
This street food is a great combination of amazing ingredients in slices of generously buttered white bread where thinly sliced vegetables like cucumber, beetroot, onion, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, are stuffed- in along with green chutney. Later, it is grilled.  It is then cut into four triangles or otherwise it is not easy to handle the layers.  Enjoy it with tomato ketchup. 
Best Available at- Amar Juice Centre, near Cooper Hospital, opp. Juhu Galli



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